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paternity dna testing
Find out if a biological relationship exists between a child and an alleged father.
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Get your DNA immigration case processed correctly and speedily through the use of FL-DNA. Click here for Immigration Testing info
forensics dna testing
Use DNA technology in a variety of ways to find out what happened and who was responsible.
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Welcome to DNA Medical Screening, LLC

DNA Medical Screening  is the premier local DNA testing center in Orlando and Central FL. We are dedicated to providing accurate, legally binding tests in a discreet and professional manor. We have experience with all types of DNA testing and our trained staff can assist you with any DNA testing needs.

We pride ourselves at having the least expensive legal tests in Central Florida. Call us for a free quote now.


We offer many types of DNA tests including paternity testing, immigration and forensics. We use science to find the truth and prove the truth. With our services, you can remove the doubt and move forward.

We can arrange for specimen collections in remote locations anywhere in the US.



Monday - Friday   9:00AM to 5:00PM

Saturday - Sunday  By appointment only


Call us at (321) 972-1809 for a same day appointment in our convenient location.

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